Unbelievable belief

A sporting miscellany on two legs, not four
October 3, 2009, 5:49 pm
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This blog is about sport. All sport. Except anything involving horses (nothing against horses but i’m just not interested) and with only the occasional reference to motorsport. I’ll endeavour to post regularly on what is written and broadcast about sport, praising the insightful and critiquing the gibberish. At times it will be pure anorak – plenty of rankings and references to some of the more obscure sporting issues – and I make no apologies for it. Sport lends itself to the trivial and that’s part of its beauty.

The title of the blog is courtesy of Paul Merson. When asked what Arsene Wenger had brought to the Arsenal team shortly after he became manager Merson replied, “unbelievable belief.” Genius.